April 23, 2010


I miss my mom.
I really envy my sisters who live close to my mom and whose children get to go to "GrandMary's" house every Wednesday for BabySitting Day. My mom does fun things with her grandchildren like:

Dress up in Mary Poppins outfits and learn a dance routine to Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

They make whole wheat scones and dip them in powdered sugar and honey while all clumped on her granite island countertop (they're not supposed to but somehow always end up there).

She plans out tea parties with big lacy hats, frilly dresses and silky scarfs from her dress-up bin.

And during Christmas time, she does something special like turn on Mannheim Steamroller, pull out her exercise ball and dancing around all silly-like to make all the kids (including me) laugh.

Pretty much, my mom is the best ever.

And it's so sad to me that William is missing out on that weekly occurance. My mom is so good about making us "out-of-towners" feel special when we go home though. I'm sure my children will love their GrandMary just as much as those that see her all the time. Love you Mom!


  1. I agree! Your mom is the BEST!!! I've always loved Mary! She's talented, kind, funny, and apparently, an awesome grandmother! I want to be that kind of a grandmother.... hmmm... I think I'm gonna have to copy her and have a Wednesday Babysitting day.

  2. I seriously LOVE your mom!! She is such a positive, beautiful, happy, pleasant woman to be around! She reminds me so much of Grandma Steele! That is so cute that she does so much with her grandkids! You are just like her! :)

  3. what a cute little grandmother. I am so sad about YOUR house getting rented out to someone else. rude. I've been through that before, and have learned that everything works out for a reason. I love William's deep brown eyes--just like his mom's.

  4. Wow - don't you look just like your Mum (sorry Mom!).

    My sister lives next door to my Mum, and we live 2 hours away, so I know just how you feel!

  5. just a stranger who likes to read your blog! your mom sounds awesome! for a side note, how do you change what it says at the end of your post? your says "said elizabeth" mine just says "posted by __" and your labels too are personalized by you. it doesn't just say "labels" and your comments say "notes" not comments! How do you do that? It is really cool. Guess I am not as savvy with the whole blog thing like you! Please help!


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