April 26, 2010

go see do: d is for del

This week's Go See Do project was with the letter "D". We had planned on using our free Disneyland passes (which sadly expired that week) a few weeks ago but the whole "housing hunting" saga got in the way. Knowing the drama that came out of that situation, I wish we would have just skipped driving endlessly around San Diego looking for a place to live and enjoyed a day at the Happiest Place on Earth. Oh well. You live and learn.
Instead, we ventured out to Coronado Island to go to the Del (a.k.a. Hotel Del Coronado). David and I fantisized about staying there someday but then we thought, "Heck, wouldn't the $500 be better spent on a car payment or a night at the Four Seasons?" Ha ha, we're so practical.
Anyway, we love Hotel Del. It's so beautiful and so historical. There aren't many hotels that can boast being 120 years old, with guests like Thomas Edison, Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin and Babe Ruth. So cool. I would venture so say, though, that the most mysterious and magical thing about the place is the ghost that haunts the place and Baywatch's episode "Coronado del Soul" (do you remember that episode?). I can't look at one of Hotel Del's beautiful towers and not think of Summer's scary experience in her haunted hotel room (paid for by who? The City of San Diego's Water Rescue Department??? Hmmm?)

Oh Baywatch. You were so iconic. And so very cheesy.
We walked around the beach for a while and dreamed about how amazing it would be to have your wedding on those white sands at sunset. Who are those people anyway?

We also took a scenic drive (I know we were pretty lame this week) and I took this amazing picture at a stoplight.
Some old guy was driving down the street in his convertible, blasting Leona Lewis' "Bleeding Love" and . . . playing his guitar. What on earth? It was so amazing.
Then David's sister and her friend drove over from El Centro to baby-sit William for the night while we went to the Norah Jones concert downtown. Free 14th center row tickets are the best! So, for dinner to stick with our "D" theme we ordered some P.F. Chang's and got dumplings and Dan-Dan noodles.
Norah Jones is talented but is sadly lacking a personality. Poor girl. The Spreckels Concert Hall is fantastic though! I would love to see another concert there just because of the acoustics and the beautiful murals and architecture. Another weekend come and gone too fast!


  1. "Who are those people, anyway?"
    I actually was invited a wedding on those beaches by a friend who was the daughter of a wealthy commercial fisherman in Alaska (think, "deadliest catch"). I was sad to have not been able to make it, as I'm sure the glitz and glamor was supreme.

    Found your blog a while back, and follow from time to time, though I've never commented. I enjoy your enjoyment of everyday life. Thanks for teaching me how to cook beets!

  2. I love Hotel Del... it's definitely a beauty but I will probably save my money for the Four Seasons like you! ha ha! Looks like a fun weekend! I bet it was fun to go on a real date with your honey--dinner AND a concert??? That's awesome! :)

  3. i love coronado. i miss moo time and miguels. (my favorite places to eat!)

  4. I was married at Hotel Del... so was my sister and another sister got engaged there. We got married in the afternoon and had a luncheon (more affordable). It's a great place for a wedding celebration (or any celebration)!

  5. I LOVE Coronado...it's one of my top 3 favorite places in the world! I'm so jealous you live so close!



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