March 1, 2010

valley visit

This last weekend, we went to visit David's family in El Centro. Here's what happened:
The boys relaxed on the hammock in beautiful, balmy weather.
(Aren't baby wrist fat rolls the best?)
William discovered Grandma's green thumb (her geraniums are huge this year!)
We took family pictures.
William received lots of love and affection from his grandparents.
He also relieved his teething gums by gnawing on everything he could get his hands on, including Grandpa's big ol', brown hands.
We made lobster rolls (recipe here on my food blog). I can always count on good eats at their house!
The Go See Do project was delayed to tonight due to our mini vacation. I'll post about it tomorrow!


  1. Looks like you guys had a great time with Davids family! Makes me want to take a nap on a hammock right now! That looks nice!

  2. hey I know those guys.

    Understatement of the day: William is darling.

  3. He's so cute! He looks like you!


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