March 21, 2010

snapshots of slumber

I'm just realizing how many (many) pictures I take on my iPhone of William sleeping. It's just so entertaining for his mama. Here are some classics that make me smile and love my life for this little boy is mine.

2 months.

Dreaming at 2 1/2 months.

4 months.

One morning I even took this video of him waking up in my bed. It was just too cute.


  1. I love, LOVE that video! There's nothing as sweet as the happy look on a baby's face when he finds his momma! :) You're doing a great job, Elizabeth!

  2. That was soooo sweet! My iphone would be FULL of pictures and video too!

  3. my son is two and a half.
    I take pictures of him sleeping each day at nap. the way he stretches out or cuddles up with a favorite toy is different each day. one day he was even sleeping standing up leaning on the bed.

    I am going to buy a large frame and print off my faves really small. perhaps 2x3 and then frame all my favorite together.

    I dont ever want to forget what he looks like while he dreams.

  4. Awwww! What a sweet video! I love the sleeping photos too.

  5. That video made me smile! Parker sat and watched the whole thing with me too. He's excited to see William!!

  6. oh heavens, he's so precious! the memory on my phone is always full because i'm constantly taking pictures of my daughter.

  7. William is so beautiful! The video of William waking is so sweet. What a wonderful keepsake that will be for you and David!

  8. oh you are so blessed to have iPhones now....I would have had to taken out an old movie camera with headlights to capture this wonderful moment in time. How wonderful this will be later when he has a girlfriend! How he will treasure the sound of your sweet voice when he's older and knows what a mother's love is all is wondwerful Elizabeth thank you for letting us peek!

  9. what a little doll! :) no wonder you are in love with him sooooooo!


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