March 8, 2010

go see do: b is for bowling

Our "B" Go See Do activity got pushed back one week because of our trip to visit David's family. We spent too much time playing Mario on the Wii and not enough time going or seeing or doing. But that's OK because playing video games is fun sometimes.

So this Saturday we made up for lost time and really pushed the "B" thing. We started off the morning by heading to Pacific Beach to get our favorite Breakfast Burritos (double letter score) from Taco Surf. Seriously such good burritos. We always get hashbrowns, beans, bacon and cheese and lots of salsa.

And then we don't eat for the rest of the day because they're so huge.

Doesn't that look so good? And yes, we sat in the car and ate our breakfast because the restaurant itself is a little dodgy and William was finally asleep in his carseat. Exciting times.

From there, we headed over to the beach. It rained the rest of the day so I'm glad that we got a few hours of sunshine in the morning. It was beautiful.

But then it turned cold and William wanted to snuggle. Fine by me!

Bowling was next. Did you know that people don't bowl in San Diego except those that live inland? That's what we found out when we googled "bowling alleys" in San Diego. The closest one was like 15 minutes away! This alley had roughly 30 lanes and we still waited 20 minutes to play two games. Someone could make some money building a bowling alley in San Diego is all I have to say.
David takes bowling (and all other somewhat competitive activities) very seriously. I'm not much of a bowler but I still enjoy it.I think William wasn't terribly keen on all the noise but he made the best of it. We have one happy baby and we love him enormously.


  1. This ABC idea is so cute! And I'm excited to try to imitate that good breakfast burrito!

  2. Those burritos look amazing! I love your ABC idea and I hope I can convince my husband to do something similar when we have our baby this Fall.

  3. Gee whiz--I think I need to start making breakfast burritos!

    Maybe I'm just hungry....

  4. I've really got to start this "go, see, do" thing! You guys are so cool... seriously! :) And that breakfast burrito looks so good! Looks like the ones we get at Roberto's in Del Mar... I swear we eat there like 5 times every time we come to San Diego! I can't wait to go to the cabin with you guys!! Par-tay!!!!


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