February 19, 2010

spring wreath

I made a spring wreath while watching the Winter Olympics the other night (p.s. why is Shaun White's hair prettier than mine?) It didn't turn out as I had hoped but I still like it and it certainly put me in a springtime mood.

I sometimes wish I lived somewhere with snow in the winter (especially during Christmas) but around this time of year, I'm always so thankful to live somewhere where it's 70ish all year round. Living in paradise is ruff. :)


  1. that is to die for! so cute liz. love it. and soooo you.

    *i'm feelin' ya on shaun white. i was just thinking that today! his hair is so unfairly gorgeous!!! he can't be an amazing athlete AND have gorgeous-girl-status hair. it just ain't right. (: haha.

  2. First, love the wreath.
    Second, i have to completely disagree about Shaun White. I can barely stand to look at him. His face, his hair. I think they're both hideous. Pretty harsh, but it's so true. Mayby it's just the color of his hair you like so much? Since I know you're a huge fan of red hair :)

  3. You finished it! I love how it turned out! Oh how I would love to be as crafty and talented as you!!!! Love ya girl!

  4. that wreath is gorgeous. wow. hmmm, do i even try to attempt something like that??

  5. So pretty!

    I've been thinking about doing something 'springy' or 'eastery' - so thanks for the inspiration!


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