January 11, 2010

william's blessing

our families came to san diego last weekend for william's baby blessing (sidenote: we do not have baby baptism in the LDS church but a baby blessing which is a priesthood ordinance where a baby is officially given a name into the records of the church. they are also blessed with wonderful things which might include good health, a strong belief in Jesus Christ, a charitable disposition and other special gifts or talents. this ordinance was set forth by Jesus Christ in the Bible - Mark 10:16 and in the Book of Mormon - 3 Nephi 17:21).

aren't these the sweetest shots you've ever seen? my mom and I tagteamed with our cameras and took a bunch of pictures of william in his blessing outfit (which david also wore when he was blessed as an infant - so special.)
she also took these pictures of me and william while he was sleeping (one of which you've already seen). they are so special to me.

my parents, younger brother and his cute girlfriend came a few days prior and we had a grand time going to Balboa Park, visiting the San Diego temple, riding beach cruisers around coronado island (so, so, so fun) and making a big german meal complete with weisswurst, sauerkraut and different mustards (for my brother's benefit).
I love this picture of william - the little mouse (taken at Balboa Park).


  1. What a doll!

    It's so wonderful that he could share the blessing outfit with his father. It's truly timeless and perfect.

    All the pictures are wonderful.

  2. SWEETEST pictures! Is it weird that I kind of love him already & have never met him? He looks impossible not to adore.

  3. he just keeps getting cuter and cuter. i love that picture of you at the park...love that shirt to! wink wink.

  4. Liz, these pictures just made me melt. I miss you guys already!! I really wanted to get together while we were in San Diego but it was just way too busy with the wedding!! I left you a comment on facebook, but we might come up in March for our anniversary and then we can play! Also, every picture on this post was so adorable! William is so precious and you-- YOU ARE JUST STUNNING!! You belong in a magazine!! I love you girly!!

  5. You look so pretty in that second to last picture. Malia and I decided it looks like you're in a parenting magazine. Like "Oh I'm just taking my perfect baby here for a little stroll, as a look effortlessly chic."

  6. oh my goodness, his blessing outfit is simply adorable. it is amazing how quickly babies change. i love the top pictures, those cheeks are killing me! i wish i could meet him before he's all grown. you look great too.


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