July 16, 2009

off we go

Beck - newborn, originally uploaded by eabryant.

I almost forgot . . . wait, no I didn't! I can't sleep I'm so excited. but I did almost forget to post about it.

we're leaving for our trip to the pacific northwest tomorrow! I get to meet this delicious little toad. isn't he delightful and tiny and squishy and I can tell all the way from here that he smells good and feels like heaven . . . um, I am sooooo pregnant. this is my newest nephew, beck, son of my super cool bro and his super cool wife who live in seattle. since they're shipping off to chicago next month for grad school, I'm so excited we get to visit before they move farther away.

after seattle we'll spend the rest of the weekend in hood river, oregon. it's david's birthday on saturday and I just found out there's no tv in our bed and breakfast. yipee! this will give us a chance to really live it up with the fantastic views, huckleberry pie and relaxing nights in the hot tub (legs only for me).

my goal for next week is to remember to post about our kitchen and bedrooms. I finally got most of my bedroom set up the way I want it so it's time to post pictures. coming soon!


  1. Oh my goodness, that lil guy is a.dor.able!!
    Enjoy your travels! :)

  2. He looks so kissable! I love newborns!!! I hope you have fun, and that everything is going well for you two!

    I miss you!

  3. If you have anytime in between the loving of you adorable nephew give me a call. I would love to see you!

  4. What a doll! Snuggle him!

    I'm just noticing your counter...106 days to go! How exciting!

    (My little baby turned 13 today. ::sniff::)


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