May 1, 2009


I had a delicious tootsie roll at work today. and then I got all sentimental.

you see, tootsie rolls remind me of halloween. for some reason we received lots of tootsie rolls, tootsie pops and tootsie minis in our pillow cases in my childhood neighborhood. coincidentally, tootsie rolls also happen to be some of my favorite candies (second only to reisen and red vines). I remember the feeling of holding open my sack and wondering what the latest oatmeal-laden-faced neighborhood “witch” mom was putting in there. I was always too embarrassed to look inside while they dropped in each piece because I was afraid it might be rude. at the end of the night I would plunge one greedy hand inside and inevitably pull out at least a few tootsie rolls. heaven.

so, after all that, you probably think that I am sentimental because it reminded me of my childhood right? alas, that is false. eating the tootsie roll reminded me of halloween which reminded me of my due date which reminded me that I’m having a baby which reminded me to smile (like I could help it).

and now you know.


  1. I love, love, love this post! So SWEET :)

  2. Oh Liz! Congratulations! (squeal) I am so thrilled for you two!! (I was hoping to see a post like this soon):) Looks like our babes will be about a month apart. Halloween sounds perfect!

    Love you!

  3. Congratulations on the new little "tootsie"! When will he/she be making his/her appearance??

  4. OK, THAT is what I get for not reading the whole post. And for not checking previous posts first. So you are due around Halloween (Nie's favorite holiday). When will you start posting tummy photos to show the expansion project? When are you moving to San Diego? And when will I stop asking nosey questions.

  5. congratulations. I am super excited for you!!

  6. Hey Liz, when are you due?? I have DAHARLING baby clothes of Shelby's, and I would love to set one aside for you. That also begs the question: are you finding out the gender??

  7. Your blog was just recommended to me in by google reader! I love it! (...and subscribed, of course!)

    Random question:
    what is that cute font in your header? Its way cute.

  8. Since your tummy have a sweet new life getting bigger by the minute, you're definitely in the Mommy-club by now - so Happy Mother's Day!!!

  9. congrats congrats, and what an adorable illustration you found.


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