March 20, 2009

key lime tart

the happiest place on earth proved to be very happy indeed. I almost couldn’t contain myself as we waited for the shuttle to pick us up at the parking structure (boy, a lot has changed in ten years)! I didn’t want to make a fool of myself so as david and I boarded the shuttle I couldn’t help but squeeze his arm and grin. it was just so exciting!

first stop (not on purpose) was it’s a small world. my 9th grade memory of that ride involved lots of drama with a boyfriend, hand holding and a mix-up in the seating arrangement . . . so, it was nice to quietly enjoy the ride with my main man who I know wasn’t flirting it up with another girl.

from there, we went on every ride we could get on. david’s disappointment was complete when the matterhorn was shut down and when we got almost to the front of thunder mountain and they closed it for repairs. luckily, we enjoyed it (twice) later. pirates of the carribean is more “movie centered” than I remember and the haunted house was much spookier as an adult. I’m still trying to figure out why that is.

as for splash mountain, I’ve never been a fan of getting a dose of cold water to the face while walking around in mid-60s weather so I opted to take a picture of david’s experience instead. it proved to be very thrilling (though he may or may not have exaggerated to increase the value of this shot – isn’t it great?).

the obligatory shot in front of mickey’s giant head. I’m thinking they should schedule time slots for your family photos here cause the lady in the hot pink scarf and mean scowl kind of ruined ours.

favorites: soarin’ over california, toy story arcade ride, thunder mountain (all three had repeat visits), hand-dipped corn dogs and the bug’s life 3-d show.

from there we made our way down the pacific coast highway – by way of the rip curl outlet in trestles (where david stocked up on his california wardrobe) – to san diego. we went to the cottage for lunch in la jolla, enjoyed driving to all our favorite spots and watched some parasailing ventures by the coves. oh, la jolla. how I love thee. however, the low point of the trip was when I attempted to purchase my favorite key lime tarts from a local french patisserie and was told they were out! it was most distressing but I’m pressing on. maybe next time . . .


  1. so fun! i need to go back for a visit myself. And I must say, now you have me SOOO curious about this 9th grade boy who didn't sit by you. Do share! :)

  2. sarah: (giggle) did you read liz's blog today?
    me: no.
    sarah: let's just say i'm the other girl.

  3. What a great trip! I've been to those same coves when my husband was stationed in Coronado. We always stayed in La Jolla when I would come visit. So glad you got to visit such beautiful countryside!

  4. What a fun trip! Gotta love Disneyland!

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Disneyland. I was just there in February, but wish I was back. You two look so cute!

  6. Okay I think you've convinced me, I totally want to go to Disneyland. I really wasn't sure hmmmm. I'm glad I signed up for the free birthday thing. now just to plan a trip


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