December 17, 2008

jim-star's hike

dear christian,

a week or two ago, david and I took ol' jimmy on a hike near a place you used to frequent in high school with dad's old skiing boat . . . canyon lake. jimmy huffed and puffed and blew us both out of the water hiking up that little mountain. we gave him a nice big drink of distilled water when we got to the top (cause I know you'd like to know that). it was very pretty - arizona's not so bad sometimes, eh?
then we kindly asked jimmy to pose so we could take pictures of him. doesn't he look dashing?
he misses you and so do we.

love, your sister,


  1. Arizona is fantastically beautiful. Especially that picture you took. Yay for Arizona.

  2. Aren't we so lucky to live in AZ? It makes me so happy to see Jimmy so happy. And your family is awesome!

  3. You are such a sweet, thoughtful sister! Gorgeous surroundings!

  4. Beautiful pictures.

    Jimmy looks happy=)

  5. Awww, thats so nice. Its nice to get an update on Jimmy. Some of us out here in blogdom worry about him, too. Great to see he is staying with Auntie Liz and enjoy the beautiful great outdoors. Thank you for the news and for being a swell sister!

  6. That looks like a pretty hike! How fun. Their dog is too cute!

  7. I am sooo happy to see Jimmy. Isn't it funny that it's the little things that make us happy! I used to love to read about Jimmy when Nie posted about him; I was WAYYYY excited to see him today!


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