November 10, 2008

give oh give

I’m feeling a little low today and just as my mother says, “the best way to cure the blues is by doing something nice for someone else” (or something like that). so, that’s what I’m going to do today – to help boost my spirits, I’m giving away these pretty earrings from mdspark’s etsy shop. aren’t they darling?
here’s the skinny, friends. leave me a comment on this post that will make me smile and whoever’s comment makes me the happiest by midnight on wednesday, november 12th wins these beauties. happiness rewarded with happiness.

I’m feeling better already.


  1. Thank you so much for always posting and being who you are and proud to stand for what you believe in.

    That's sincere, although I feel slightly uncomfortable doing it for earrings!!!

  2. I'm delurking for earrings! But I do love your blog--sunny with great style.

    And for happy, I was feeling glum and gray the other day and so I decided to capitalize on the freezing cold November day. So I snuggled up with my babies, some cinnamon toast, and hot chocolate--and capped off the welcome-the-holidays fest by dipping some caramel apples! It was still gray and gloomy outside, but cheery and bright and cinnamony inside. Perfect!

  3. Well, looking at beautiful things makes me happy. It reminds me of the scripture in Alma, when Alma tells Korihor that he has all things as a witness of Christ. It also reminds me of an article I read in the children's Friend several years ago, which talked about how much Heavenly Father must love us, because he gave us peanuts. I know it's silly, but really, what else are peanuts good for? They're not essential for our survival, they're just a happy little extra that we've been given to make our lives that much sweeter. So anyway, I saw this series of photos online today and it reminded me of all that. I thought it was breathtaking. It made me happy and hopefully it does the same for you.

  4. "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are gray. You'll never know dear, how much I love you, please don't take my sunshine away!" When my children (9,8,&5) were babies and crying or sick or just not happy I would sing that song over and over and over to calm them, lull them to sleep. I found this blog via Cjane via Nie...You are inspiring as is your entire family. I think of all of you all the time and am amazed at what strenght and faith you all have. Keep your chin up and allow yourself just for a bit to be blue. Then pull up your bootstraps and soldier on! Hope this helps!

  5. what's better than a snuggly pup to cheer you up?

    how about 6!?

  6. Those earrings are lovely. Much like your blog. You have excellent taste and I enjoy reading your delightful thoughts. I hope someone who knows you well has something insightfully cheerful to say today. If you want to read something happy you can visit my blog and read about my cute 10 year old who saved the day today. I think reading something happy is a great way to get over the blues. Or watch Pollyanna that usually works too. Or watch Cary Grant - especially in Arsenic and Old Lace, you'll slap your knees watching that.


    My friend posted this today and it made me cry. See, I wasn't feeling all that grand either and then I read this and I just let my tears flow for a good bit and then I felt better. I think you should check it out if you have a sec.

    Sometimes we are just so strong (which I can tell you are) that we try to push back the tears welling in our eyes - but sometimes it takes a good cry. I'm not certain of what might be specifically bothering you today, but I do know you have been through a whole lot in the recent months. You and your family have inspired me through your blogs to be a better me and have stronger faith. I mean it! I hope that comforts you some during your difficult day!

    I don't mind if I don't win the earrings although they are SO DARLING! I just wanted you to know how great I think you are (not to mention pretty and crafty) and that I've been there too. Situations were different but the feelings are quite similar.


  8. Lizzy-
    So sorry to read that you've got the blues. Giving is a great cure. So is baking a boatload of sugar cookies, decorating them with marvelous colors and wacky faces, then sitting and smiling at the work of your hands. I so hope you find something htat makes you smile all the while.
    God bless you dear girl. And all that your family is enduring. We pray for you all by name (though we don't know you.)
    PS. I'm having a giveaway, too. One where you can write about your faavorite friends, and read about everyone elses. Then win a four pack of wildly fun aprons. Do stop by. It just might make you smile.

  9. Hi
    I just wanted to let you know that you shouldn't feel the need to give something away in order to receive a compliment or kind word. People shouldn't have to tell you how wonderful you are because you should already know. Believing in yourself is key! I believe that words cannot describe the kind of people in this world like yourself! You are brave for publicly sharing your thoughts. I have enjoyed getting to know you through your words and consider you to be a friend!! My thoughts are with you and your loved ones daily.

  10. you are my sunshine,my only sunshine. you make me happy when skies are blue. you'll never know dear how much I love you.
    this song makes me happy ..hope it works for you. no gift required.

  11. I know something that will make you laugh... BIRDS!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! I HATE BIRDS! :) That was so funny I think I almost peed my pants!

    I am so glad that we met a year and a half ago. It is so crazy how we met and how we didn't even know we were second cousins until my Grandma's funeral. I think that is why we had an instant bond to each other because we are related. Thanks for being such a great example to me. Your blog is a delight to read and inspires me to be a better person. Love you Lizzy!

  12. Don't we all have days where we feel a little down? Maybe a little more overwhelmed than usual...unable to keep up...not sure where to start. I know I do. I generally try to look at a quote or two that I have stuck to my fridge or on a piece of decor I have about my home. One of my favorites is by President Hinckley and reads "Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured." I think that sums it up for me and usually gives me that kick in the butt I need to get going. I hope you getting to feeling better!

  13. Lizzy, do you know what always makes me feel better? CHOCOLATE! Here's a favourite recipe to try:

    Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies!

    2 cups all-purpose flour
    3/4 cup white sugar
    3/4 cup packed brown sugar
    1/2 cup cocoa powder
    1 teaspoon vanilla extract
    1 teaspoon baking soda
    2 cups semisweet chocolate chips
    2 eggs
    1 cup butter

    Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Combine dry ingredients. In a separate bowl, cream sugars, eggs and butter. Sift dry ingredients into butter.
    Drop by teaspoon onto ungreased cookie sheet. Bake for 9-12 minutes.

    Hope you're feel happy again soon and remember that every cloud has a rainbow hiding behind it!


  14. When I saw your name pop up on google reader I thought to myself- "her blog makes me happy...that's what I need today...I should tell her." And being happy is what your post is about.

    Typing this has just brightened my mood- thanks! :)

  15. Here's a joke that made me smile today....

    My wife was in labor with our first child. Things were going pretty well when suddenly she began to shout, "Shouldn't, couldn't, wouldn't, didn't, can't!"
    "Doctor, what's wrong with my wife?"
    "Nothing. She's just having contractions."

    Inspired by your blog, your family....I start each day with hot cocoa + Nie family blogs. :) Prayers and hugs to you from a girl in Oklahoma.

  16. I was going to leave a comment to make you happy (something like "I have never seen a bad photo of you!" because that is the truth) but then I read Carin's comment about how your blog makes her happy and I thought, yes, your blog makes ME happy to. And if that doesn't make you happy, well, then I don't know what will :) And for that, you should give those lovely earrings to Carin for being the first to point it out.


  17. I'm not feeling very competitive here, but I can offer you a couple of smiles: go to my blog, and see the latest posting of our cat, trying to solve a BBC mystery on TV. Below that is a photo of a group of kids, each of whom has a family member in treatment for cancer; the kids are all wearing hand-knitted clothes, made by our auntie. Those things make me smile. I hope this helps; if not, leave me a comment asking for the cookies from the Pike Market, with a link to your address, and I'll get on it. God bless you.

  18. I love this idea! Don't worry, I don't need earrings, but I wanted to tell you how I admire your strength and that I hope I can develop the talent of caring for children like you do and you're not even a mom yet!

  19. I have loved finding nie family blogs and reading about all of you incredibly talented and genuine people. It's so fun to find people through blog land that I feel like I'd be friends with in real life! :) And you are one of them!

    And when I'm having a down day... a take a trip to a local freezer to buy some ben & jerrys! :) Soak in a hot tub, read a good book and listen to your favorite cd! (ok so maybe don't eat the ice cream and soak in the hot bath at the same time, haha... you could save the ice cream for after the bath while you cuddle up to your favorite movie)

  20. I just have to say that you are one of my favorite people!

    Your presence:
    1) makes me want to be a better wife and mother
    2) tempts me to push past my limitations in the kitchen
    3) makes me have the desire to transform ugliness into beauty
    4) allows me to laugh and feel good about myself
    5) encourages me to be a better person!

    Thanks for being my friend!
    (and I'm not just saying this for the earrings. I really don't need them! I just love ya!)

  21. Hi, I'm a sophomore at BYU right now and I found your blog through your awesome sister-in-law Nie Nie's blog!

    I spent this past weekend... haha, no dates for me, reading your old blog and all through this one. Gotta say, loved it all. You had some pretty great experiences these past couple of years, and thanks for sharing!

    It made me feel like I have a ton to look forward to, after these awful midterms are done! :)

    Thanks for blogging!

  22. Well I can't think of any good jokes to tell, but I have to say my youngest daughter gave me a laugh in the grocery store today. I think I might have done her wrong by quickly feeding her a cereal bar while on my out the door to get the other two kiddo's to school on time. Afterwards we went to the grocery store and she was grabbing everything I put into the cart. First it was hotdogs, then the cheese sticks. I nicely grabbed everything back from her fingers and proceed to tell her "NO NO we have to pay for those first" Then as I am proceeding down the frozen food section getting veggies, she grabs the chicken. "AGHHH" I tell her "that is gross that is raw chicken" She then looks at me puts her hands to her sides and starts saying "Bock Bock Bock Bock" I smile and say "w/are you doing Nannah" She then tells me "Look mommy I'm a chicken" "Bock Bock Bock Bock" Ha ha ha ha "That is the cutest thing I ever did see"... I have never just won anything, but I do hope you enjoyed my story and got a good laugh out of it. That totally made my day. Heidi

  23. life around these parts have been a little tough lately. the job my hubs moved our family from our comfort zone for has had a workforce reduction, thus leaving him laid off and looking... the kiddos have "sniffles + snots" and have been keeping us up at night...but, this weekend my parents came down to lend a helping hand and took the kids on Sunday morning so that the hubs and i could attend church and say a few prayers (you know - without handing out raisins and redirecting as usual!) and i saw the most wonderful thing... two sisters laughing together. They were about 12 and 15... and it reminded me about how lucky i am to have the sister i have... b/c for that spare moment during mass -i was able to remember being 15 and having a 12 yr old sister to laugh and share with... and it was a blessing that through the storm cloud of recession and unemployment, that I was able to see a bit of sunshine! Yeah for sisters! (and parents who come down for the weekend to offer helping hands!)

  24. I asked my 5 year old son and 2 1/2 year old daughter what they do when they have the blues...this is what they said:

    Me: What do you guys do when you have the blues?
    Joseph: I like to tickle!!
    Olivia: I cry, and I tickle torture Joseph!
    Joseph: And, I talk to
    myself....and play tag.

    Kids say the cutest things...that always helps cheer me up. Thank you for being so sweet and sharing your experiences and delightful blog with so many!

  25. I'm delurking to help brighten your day (I can't wear earings so I'm not in this to win - just to make you smile.) I read this funny on so you may have read it too, but 6 months later I laughed once again when I came across it a second time.

    A bishop was walking down the street one day when he noticed a young primary boy in his ward trying to press the doorbell of a home on the street. The boy was very small and the doorbell was too high for him to reach it, so the Bishop decided to help him by pressing the doorbell. Crouching down to the child's level, the Bishop smiled benevolently and asked, "And now what, young brother?" To which the boy replied, "Now we run!"

    I truly hope your day turns brighter! Here's sending a wish of a lovely day for a lovely person! ;)

  26. Since Lizzy writes so well, perhaps she will enjoy a simple English joke :

    My wife was in labor with our first child. Things were going pretty well when suddenly she began to shout, "Shouldn't, couldn't, wouldn't, didn't, can't!"
    "Doctor, what's wrong with my wife?"
    "Nothing. She's just having contractions."

  27. After so much reading...I don't know if I can make you smile. So, I will tell you what made me smile just the other night! I was able to spend some time with my husband and three kids at the park, then off to Chipotle for dinner (no cooking!). And to top it all off, after the kids were in bed I sat and watched my favorite Christmas movie (Home Alone) while eating a slice of chocolate cake....810 calories worth thanks to Target's amazing bakery!

  28. Thanks for the fun blog! I found you from c-jane too. I was a Nie Nie reader before the accident and have been envious of your family ever since. This is definitely a happy/sad moment but one that struck me the other day. My son is 6 and in a wheelchair from a vaccine reaction at 2 months. He is smart & funny...just won't ever walk. We finally were able to get a ramp put on our house for him and when he went outside all by himself for the first time (without one of us needing to help out), he turned to me and said "Thanks Mom, now I finally feel like a real boy." Those are the moments that you never forget. Always pulling for you guys up here in Chicago!!

  29. Well, I don't EVER comment cause I feel silly, what with not really knowing you in real life and all. But with all this talk about "not really needing the earrings", I had to unlurkify and say that I DO really need the earrings!

    I wish I knew how to make you happy, but I don't, so here are some things that make me smile:
    1. talking (= laughing) with my husband - especially if he calls me unexpectedly in the middle of the day for no reason (as long as I'm not trying to take a nap)
    2. comments on my blog (call me insecure, but I love feedback)
    3. reading blogs about real, clever women who don't pretend that life is perfect ALL the time (thank you)

  30. I love the earrings!! SO SO Pretty!! I hope you pick me.

    I don't know if this will make you smile, but I did.

    Recently my 4 year old (lily) held up her pinky finger and said, this is pinky right?
    I said, yes, and then she held up her other pinky finger and said, is..dis ...greeny?

  31. The extended-NIE-blogs are a plus for me too! But, if you want JOY today, a little baby in Washington got a new heart - read about it! I found it randomly, now you can too!

  32. Well Lizzy, what more can I say than "HI BUDDY!" and you'll be able to hear the tone of voice, the little giggle afterwards, and the big smile upon both of our faces! Oh if we were back in our colonial back room bedroom on a day like this, we would just cuddle up in our beds, share our deepest feelings from across the room, and then giggle on and off just as we think we're going to finally go to sleep! I love you and I hope your day brightens up soon...Your Mitchy ;o)

  33. God expects you to have enough faith & determination & enough trust in Him to keep moving, keep living, keep rejoicing. In fact, He expects you not simply to face the future {that sounds pretty grim & stoic}; He expects you to embrace & shape your future - to love & rejoice in it & delight in your opportunities. God is anxiously waiting for the chance to answer your prayers & fulfill your dreams, just as He always has. But He can't if you don't pray, & He can't if you don't dream. In short, He can't if you don't believe.

    Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

  34. I was taking a shower yesterday morning when my four year old daughter decided to check on me. She opens the door to the bathroom and I can hear her playing around with things on the counter. Then she pulls back the shower curtain, sticks her cute little head in, looks at me, and proclaims "mommy, you look like a teletubby."

    If someone were ever in the need for some fabulous earrings it just might be me. I hate having teletubbie days.

    I know I actually look nothing like a teletubby, but I think children are wonderful for making us smile and laugh at ourselves (and them). they say the darndest things. Hope you feel better after reading all these wonderful comments. Your blog is simply lovely.


  35. Hi there,

    I've never commented on your blog and truthfully, I feel a little weird commenting on a stranger's blog...

    I found you by accident, through CJane and although I have no physical connection to your family, I am drawn in. The love, grace, compassion and ability to share your journey eloquently is so special.

    As a burn victim survivor (though relatively minor relative to C&N), I recall the fear I felt after the accident I was involved in. But my stronger recollection was how it changed me...everything was sweeter, sunsights more glorious, time with family and friends more precious.

    In short, it woke me up...and made me hyper-aware and less able to take things for granted. Althought time has passed, and scars have faded, I continue to reflect on that....

    I don't know if that makes you happier or not...and I am not writing this for the earrings, although they are lovely, just to share and let you know that great things can come from things that from the outset look dire.

    "If you want to see God laugh, tell him of your plans".

    Wishing you much happiness..


  36. Love is in the air!

    My friend is in Minnesota to help celebrate the wedding of her 80 year old mother-in-law - woohoo...
    And it's a younger guy, he's only 73.

    After their first date, she came home and said "He hugged me good night and I think we might be getting married?!?! Well it is now 3 weeks later - they certainly didn't waste any time :)

  37. The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

    Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
    And sorry I could not travel both
    And be one traveler, long I stood
    And looked down one as far as I could
    To where it bent in the undergrowth;

    Then took the other, as just as fair,
    And having perhaps the better claim,
    Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
    Though as for that the passing there
    Had worn them really about the same,

    And both that morning equally lay
    In leaves no step had trodden black.
    Oh, I kept the first for another day!
    Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
    I doubted if I should ever come back.

    I shall be telling this with a sigh
    Somewhere ages and ages hence:
    Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
    I took the one less traveled by,
    And that has made all the difference.

    (and that my dear put a smile on my face and i hope that it does yours as well) xox

  38. This was a great week for me and I hope some of my cheer rubs off on you!

    I was thrilled to see our nation elect its first African American president on Tuesday (and to see such a genuine, gracious concession from McCain).

    On Thursday, I found out that our first baby is a BOY!

    On Friday, it was my 26th birthday and I'm truly full of joy this year!

    Hope you can feel some happiness!

  39. OK, I'm coming out of the shadows. I love your blog! It's very stylish and fun to read. You are delightful! I even stole your pear clock!

    I'll tell you a little story my friend told me that made me smile yesterday. Her husband was leaving for yet another business trip. They have four children ages 6,5,4,& 3. The three oldest lined up on the front porch to wave goodbye to their Daddy. My friend overheard them say, in order, right down the line..."no more tickles", "no more hugs", "no more fun"! She thought, "I know how you feel!" She determined right then and there to make each day more fun for them while their Daddy was gone.

    That brought a smile to my face because of these little darlings and their love for their Dad!\

    Hope you feel less blue and more in the pink really soon!

  40. Wow, I was so amazed when I saw that to cheer yourself up, you were giving something pretty to someone else! I'll be honest, i'd never much thought of doing that as a way to cheer myself up. But i think it is just brilliant :) You are very, very inspiring! I am going to try this the next time I am totally feeling down. In fact, my day today isn't going so hot, and I know of a friend who I'm sure i could cheer up by bringing a treat over to her house. I don't know if the fact that you totally made my day with your selflessness will make you happy... but it made me happy! So thank you :) And I know whoever wins the earrings will be super thrilled! *hugs*

  41. I am having a blue day today too. I lost my mom recently and some days are harder than others. Thanks for the reminder to give to others when feeling down, and thanks for sharing :) You and your family have opened my eyes to a lot of things that I KNOW I was taking for granted. Thanks, also for the opportunity to read your other comments...some of those made me smile :) Hope they work on you too!

  42. What a nice idea! Your mother is obviously a very wise woman. I know I will be sure to use this idea when I am feeling a bit blue.

    As for your blues, I only offer the reminder of how very loved and appreciated you are. Enjoy all the goodness around you and know how very blessed you are!

    Remember your friends, family, home, husband, sunshine....

  43. look at this blog and you will be happy!

    this precious little family has been waiting for a heart transplant for their baby girl for four months and just yesterday they got a call that there was a heart available. now the sweet baby has a new heart and is on the road to recovery. it will bring a smile to your face!

    thanks for all you do, we love the updates.

  44. My goodness. I don't think I can outdo these happy well wishers with their poetry and recipes, except to tell you that you are the smartest, most gorgeous and creative, fanciest, most spiritually enlightened, talented, politically savvy, coolest, best mom to your gorgeous/clever kids, with the cleanest house in _______ county in the entire blogosphere.
    Now give me those earrings. (c:

  45. you have a lot of nice friends and admirers! you are so blessed. hope your day is happy!

  46. My 19 month old who has Pervasive Developmental Delays and Sensory Processing Problems has learned to say 3 words (previously no words) AND 2 Signs in Sign Language in the last 6 weeks. He can now say dada, uh oh, and Ghostbuster (okay ghostbuster is stretching it but if you sing the song or play it I swear he says something that sounds just like Ghostbuster with no consonants *grin* in all the right places) and he can sign "please" and "more".

    It may not make you happy but it has this mommy thrilled to pieces!

    I loved reading your comments to this post. Truly cheered me up and made me smile.


  47. I found four buttons of various colors and sizes in my 16 month old daughter's wet diaper. 2 stuck on each cheek!
    (she was playing in my button collection)
    I check your blog often for updates and inspiration. Thank you.

  48. "It isn’t as bad as you sometimes think it is. It all works out. Don’t worry. I say that to myself every morning. It will all work out. If you do your best, it will all work out. Put your trust in God, and move forward with faith and confidence in the future. The Lord will not forsake us. He will not forsake us. … If we will put our trust in Him, if we will pray to Him, if we will live worthy of His blessings, He will hear our prayers."

    Gordon B. Hinckley

    {Love love this quote. If his thoughts don't put a smile on your face, I'm not sure what will! :) Hope your day goes better with all of these lovely thoughts from so many across the board! If not, it's o.k. we are all entitled a bad day here and there! :)}

  49. i'm sick and stuffy and all i want to do is cuddle up with a good book and rest. but i have two little guys to take care of. my oldest saw that i wasn't feeling well. he came up to me and gave me a hug and a kiss and said "you feeling better now mom?". happiness comes in the smallest of packages. i just happen to have two. how lucky am i?

  50. One of my favorite quotes is by Eleanor Roosevelt: "Happiness is not a goal, it is a by-product."

    I love this quote because it reminds me that doing for others always provides the happiness that I seek.

    I hope your spirits have lifted by now and that your day ends by being filled with happiness.



  51. I too have been struck by the blues lately as I have had some health problems for the past year. Whenever I feel down I think of Stephanie, whom I don't know personally but who's story has really touched my life. I think of her strength, her courage, her tenacity and her enormous love of her family that has pulled her through. I find great solace knowing that she too has fought and won and will soon be home with her family. Then I look over at my husband and my son and I can't help but smile and laugh. Some how in light of her journey mine seems so small. It brings me great joy to see how the world has responded to her and this sisterhood of bloggers that has really formed. That is true happiness.

  52. also if for some reason I the earrings for Stephanie..from what I have seen of her style she would like them :)

  53. The earrings are beautiful! Well, I think the thing that should make you smile and feel worthwhile is the large loving family you have. I'd give anything for siblings, for my parents to still be alive, for a large family to celebrate the holidays with. Turn that frown upside down and shake off those blues by thinking about all the people your family has touched during the past few months!

  54. Hi! I'm so glad you created this opportunity for us to share some positive thoughts. I've enjoyed reading them...they've caused me to slow down and smile, and reflect on all that is within each of us, just waiting to be called on. Your need has pulled on our hearts and made us eager to lift your heart. Sometimes, sharing the journey is the best part of the journey. :)

  55. A pirate walks into a bar with a paper towel on his head. The bartender says, “What’s with the paper towel?”

    The pirate says, “Arrr! I’ve got a Bounty on me head.”

  56. Lizzy, I wish you knew how much you brighten my day! I look everyday faithfully to see if you have posted because you always make me smile. Thank you for being such an inspiration and for making my day better eachday! I like my sister Erin think it is great that we have found out we are related. I wish we would have known it sooner! Also if you want to hear something really funny to make you smile I will share a very embarressing moment with you. Not only is it embarressing it happened at the benefit concert for Christian, Stephanie and Doug. Ok here it goes...So before the show started I decided to use the restroom beforehand so I wouldn't have to go in the middle of an awesome show! So I was wearing spanx (the tummy tucker :) ) so as I am finishing up I pulled my shirt up above my boobs to tuck in my undershirt when my dad called to tell me they had moved seats in the auditorium and where to find them. Yes this is all happening the bathroom stall! So I get a little distracted by the call, I am still talking to him when I come out of the stall to wash my hands. The lady next me looks at me kind of weird but then walks away. I hung up the phone, dry my hands and walk out into the VERY busy foyer of people!! You know how many people where there, A LOT! When I get out the bathroom door a women walks up to me and get's very much into my bubble and says "Did you know your shirt is still up!" I quickly look down and yes my shirt is still pulled above my boobs!! I am about ready to cry from embarressment when she is trying to calm "It's ok no one saw" she says. In my head I am thinking "oh yeah, one more person then I would have liked saw it. ha, ha". So I quickly pulled my shirt down and pretended, as well as I could, that nothing happened! I hope that makes you smile really big!! By the way did I tell you how much I love those earrings you have a picture of on your blog :) Have a happy, happy day! If you need more smiles come to my blog and ask for some more "fun" moments by me. I have lots :)

  57. First suggestion...WATCH THIS:

    If that fails, READ THIS:

    Why Me?

    ©1992 by Susan Noyes Anderson

    Of all the people
    in the world
    millions of guys
    zillions of girls
    of all the animals
    there are
    from Timbuktu
    to Zanzibar
    of all the statues
    ever raised
    to villains feared
    or heroes praised
    of all the buildings
    ever built
    that stand up straight
    or even tilt
    of all the car tops
    ever made
    from fiberglass
    to steel
    to suede
    why did it have to
    land on me
    not on the ground
    not on a tree
    not on the street
    or at my feet
    but on my head
    with liquid dread
    I must exclaim
    at the deadly aim
    of the dreadful turd
    of that dreadful bird

    Still not happy? PERUSE THESE:

    Not quite rid of the doldrums? CLICK ON OVER to iTunes and listen to "It's a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong, "Blessed" by Brett Dennen, "New Shoes" by Paolo Nutini, and "Constellations" by Jack Johnson. Close the music fest with "Secret o' Life" by James Taylor.

    No joy in your soul yet? CALL UP all your buddies and have them come over after the kids are in bed to eat soft, gooey brownies and talk until very late at night. TOPIC: most embarrassing moments.

    Still feeling under the weather? NOT EVEN POSSIBLE!

    (But just in case...I do have the name of an excellent therapist...) heehee

  58. Here is one of my tricks when I have the blues:

    All the pics are great, but I'm partial to the 'nebulae' gallery. After looking at God's Mightiness you (I) kind of get a perspective on things!

    Of course sometimes you just need to wallow in the blues. Put on a sad movie, have a good cry and next thing ya know, its all over!

  59. Lizzy,
    WOW, I guess you had more lurkers than we thought. You dont have to send me earrings to say something to make you smile, I try to tell you at least once a month how AMAZING, TALENTED and BEAUTIFUL you are. If I was all that I would be smiling from ear to ear.
    Hugs to you,
    p.s. I was hoping for a purse!! ;)

  60. "Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others, cannot keep it from themselves."

    I can't remember who said that, but it is so true of you. Your blog brings sunshine into so many people's lives. Thanks for your optimism, design, humor, and faith.

  61. Hello!! I so feel like I know your family - although I only know the outer edge. I do sincerely wish all of you the best.

    I LOVE your blog. It is happy, honest, and adorable. It inspires me with my own blog.

    Thanks!! And, I hope you get a lot of nice comments - you absolutely deserve it! :)

  62. Knock, Knock.....
    Who's there??
    Orange who????
    Orange ya gonna turn that frown upside down???

    OK it totally came from my 5 year old son. Sorry. That is how I tell him that he is acting kind of blue and I think we need to think of all the reasons to be grateful.
    Hope you feel better soon.
    Your Blog Stalker!!!

  63. My husband passed away from a small plane crash leaving me a single mom of two boys with many hurdles to jump. Today I bought my oldest son a bike. Put it together BY MYSELF! And taught him how to ride. This was a HUGE accomplishment for both of us! And after he had the riding down real good, he stopped and said "my dad is proud of me right now!"
    This may not make you happy, but I cant stop smiling. One hurdle we cleared! :)
    And you're pretty!

  64. i'm not even going to read the others' comments first. i just wanted to say that i'm sorry you're feeling blue; it happens to me, too, for inexplicable reasons. perhaps you do have a reason. The good Lord knows your family has been through it lately but have your own life and your own stuff and your own moods. What would I want as an uplifting comment from an anonymous person? Well, I LOVE your hair - it is soooo pretty (as are you) and you seem like a truly genuine person. Nice. Authentic. And you're a good writer. I like visiting your blog. Reading your posts are a pleasure; just a nice, real, young woman who is living her faith and having fun. Hang in there and your "inner world" will soon be back in alignment. People in the Nielson and Clark families have been of great inspiration to me lately (that means YOU too) and also Mindy Gledhill and something she said on Nie Nie's interview of her: she believes in the Law of Attraction and I'm trying to practice it too. I'm guessing you are a really a positive person who's just in a slump. Hang in!

    (I guess this comment turned into a post. Sorry!)

  65. I think I like glum days because it makes me hopeful for the next day. I went through a glum year last year when my hubby fell ill. But it made me realize I'm much stronger than I really took myself for. I don't know you but just looking at your picture, I can tell you are a strong fun loving happy gal! Hang in there...all clouds have silver linings...cliche I know...but so true. Behind that gloom is a bright sun just waiting to come out and smile on you. Be thankful for the moments of every minute you get with the ones in your life. Your blog cheers me up every single day and puts a smile on my face...go back and read your blog'll smile again!

  66. Last week we held a 5K walk/run for Stephanie here in Las Vegas. I knew her as a child, but not one other person at the race had ever met her. Businesses donated food, prizes, and gift cards. Strangers showed up and were putting huge bills in our donation jar. Families woke up early and showed up with vans full of sleepy kids to walk/run for her. When we blew the whistle to start, I couldn't help but cry as I watched over 100 participants start this race for someone they'd never met. The world is good and most people are, too. Hope this lifted you as much as it did me.

  67. Cute things that kids say ALWAYS make me smile. My sweet granddaughter Bella was putting her
    shoes on by herself. Her mom said "Bella - you have your shoes on the wrong feet" Bella looked up at her mom with a question in her eyes and asked "Both of them?" - we still laugh when someone little puts their shoes on the wrong feet.
    Hope tomorrow is a better day!!
    Nancy N.

  68. Okay. I started to work on a happiness-inspiring, pick-me-up comment that would get me those awesome earrings, but then my nerd of a husband pointed out that, like most things in life, I could figure out what to do with a math equation (I made him write it):
    Reading 67 comments x 30 seconds per comment + Thinking for 10 minutes about what to write + Browsing all the links to other earrings and miscellaneous accessories for 10 minutes = 53.5 minutes. If I give my time a conservative $10/hour and my chances of winning a generous 10%, then my total investment is 53.5 minutes x 1/60 hours per minute x $10 per hour divided by 10% = $89.17

    Even though he never buys jewelry, Kelly guessed correctly that the retail price of the earrings was less than $89, so now I am getting them for Christmas. Thanks Liz!

    I hope you are feeling better after all those sweet comments. What nice friends you have.
    Love, Kim Smith

  69. the sun was shining where I am today. Was it shining where you are? :) happy Monday!


  70. You are amazing. Your family is amazing. I am impressed daily by the faith and steadfastness you show. and the fabulous things you do. I see you have so many people rooting for you. Things will look better, I know they will. Heavenly Father loves you-I know it.
    My kids favorite joke
    knock knock
    who's there
    boo hoo
    don't cry it was just a joke.
    I hope today is looking a little brighter.
    with much love and prayers heading your way.

    love, andi davis

  71. I believe in fate....I think I found your blog tonight because Momma needs a new pair of earring....RIGHT? Nod your head up and down. Okay, it's settled. (I think this is the part where I say thank you!!!) Just kidding but I would love those earring to death!!


  72. Why should women stop having children after 36???

    'Cause 37 is just too many!

    Susan (Crum) Cook

  73. Watch the video on my blog titled "Cutest video of the day". It is the 2nd post right now. It is my grandchildren, Preston's daughter and Sterling's son. I PROMISE it will make you smile!

  74. Hey Liz, it's Mel. The other day I remembered when you called my house in high school and I answered and you asked for Mel, and I gave the phone to my dad. Awesome. But anyways, I'm not commenting in my behalf, but my sister Sara's. She gave birth to two of the tiniest and most precious baby boys tonight (weighing just 2 lbs each), and I think she deserves all the earrings in the world...but I know she would love these in particular. I hope your day gets better!

  75. Hi Liz,

    I have LOVED reading your blog and love your beautiful outlook on life. When I am feeling down, I pick up the phone and call someone I love. It's usually one of my children, a sister, my husband and my sweet grandchildren always brighten my day and make me feel happy. Thanks, Tricia

  76. Dear Lizzy,

    I am like a lot of readers & came on to your blog from CJanes. I have read the blog since shortly after the accident & so have my daughters. I check everyday to see anything about your brother & Stephanie. I have really felt so sad for all of your families. But, it has been so inspirational especially to see how close you are as families--which is what I really want with my children. I am from Phoenix, my brother lives in Gilbert, a sister lives in Mesa, and my parents in Scottsdale. I feel close to you folks since I am from Arizona. Last night I made your pork in the crockpot which you made for your brother, I made your turkey joes a couple of nights ago & the popcorn as well. Everything has been a big hit! So, you have made me & my family happy with your wonderful food. I like to eat healthy & your recipes are right up my alley. So, thanks for all your recipes on your blog. Thanks for being such a wonder sister & daughter to your family. I would love to know how C & S are doing but I know it's a private & personal matter & a most difficulty time for all of you--I will just continue praying for all of you--by the way--D.C. was so beautiful! Thanks for sharing that! It looked so gorgeous! I would love to have more wonderful recipes as well. Please take care & just know you & your family are in our prayers.

    Susan Deaver & family

  77. I made a point not to read any of the other comments because I did not want my own thoughts to get boggled by what other's said- I wanted to be genuine. SO-
    I hope you realize what an amazing person you are. You are so talented. You can cook. You can craft. You can upholster! (I am jealous of that one- looking at my hideous couch this second and wishing I had your reupholstery skills) You are clearly a loving wife, daughter, sister, aunt, and everything else in between- the most important thing to be: loving and kind. People come to your blog to have their spirits lifted and to be inspired. I know that is why I come here. If there were such a thing as a blog crush I would have one on this blog- and nienies and cjanes. You 3 make people happy through words and pictures. How amazing. You have already given us a gift- your life is a gift to us all because we learn from you, we laugh with you, we cry with you, we get inspired....on and on. So thank you for that.

    I hope your spirits are lifted soon. Just know you are amazing and so many people check this blog everyday because we like you and what you have to say.

  78. I've been a bridesmaid in 13 weddings. I thought I was done after this last one ... but no ... I have been called upon to bust out my polished bridesmaid's skill yet again ... for wedding number 14. There are many problems with this ... I used to have longer hair. That was until I scheduled a hair appointment on my birthday. I showed the guy a picture and I knew it was bad news after the first snip. 4 hours later and several times of me saying "Um ... you're going to make me look more like the girl in the picture, right?" I went home. I very sad birthday girl. So that's problem #1. I have HUGE hair and right now ... I could give Bill Clinton a run for his money. However, I do use a few more hair products to "tame the beast." The second glitch to wedding 14 ... I have VERY sensitive ears. In each wedding I've been in ... the gift has been earrings. Unfortunately, by the time the bride walks down the aisle ... my ears are burning ... my eyes are watering and I'm looking forward to the couple to say their "I DO's" perhaps more so than the bride and groom themselves .... just for the sweet relieve of regaining feeling in my ears.

    So ... with that said ... Earrings and I don't really have a great relationship. But ... I LOVE the comment by "Mom of 3 Boys" ... so I know you weren't wanting a vote but she gets mine. For no other reason than I'm a mom of 2 boys and if you're a mom of 3 boys ... you sure would look forward to a nice pair of earrings!

    Hope you're day got a bit better ...

  79. And since I've never commented before ... you wouldn't know that I used to teach English. EIGHT YEARS of teaching English and I write "relieve" for relief and you're?

    Being a mom of 2 boys has obviously taken a few of my brain cells.

    Oh ... it's a sad life when you go back and proof read your comment!

    Happy searching for a new earring recipient!

  80. Lizy, I have followed your family's story since the beginning of that horrible night (on the news here in Pennsylvania)...reading Nie, to CJane and now you, you all inspire me to live life to the fullest...I come to work every day looking forward to reading your blog entries (like a book). Life has its twists and turns, this you know...but know that you have your family and friends to turn to at any time.
    Smile, you never know who is watching =)
    hugs from PA

  81. My husband has been deployed since October 2007. He's coming home in 3 weeks!! I don't know about you, but that makes me dizzy with happiness!

  82. I am sorry you are feeling blue. You and your family have been so strong deserve a blue day.

    I heard from a birdy....Ok, c_jane that Step is speaking. That is a miracle! Just a small ray of sunshine that God is sending down to all of us to remind us to keep praying and hoping.

  83. this is a p.s......I thought of a couple of more blues-busters!

    CHOCOLATE (already mentioned but worth a reminder!)...or in my case, Chocolate and Lactaid..tee-hee.
    Start or add to a Gratitude Journal!

    Go through your craft magazines (or buy some). That gets my mind going in a whole new direction!


    I hope SOMETHING in all the responses you are getting helps ease the blues. We ALL want Lizzy happy---you seem like such a nice young lady! Hugs, Miss Liz, and FEEL BETTER! :-D

  84. I wish I had a funny story to share to make you laugh. But what is really making me happy right now (well besides my family) is the crazy fact that the Twilight movie will be out in less than 2 weeks. I just can't wait.

    Anyway, I hope all of the comments have cheered you up some.

    Also please don't consider my comment for the earrings. Although they are beautiful I think you should give them to someone else.

  85. I hope this will bring a barrel of chuckles to your doorstep (as it did to ours)...

    My 6-year-old daughter, Sarah, loves to dream up lists, mostly having to do w/food. This is a recent restaurant menu she cooked up. Try to guess all the items!

    Sarah's Menu.

    Oh, that girl. Heehee.

  86. I'm not sure what will make you happy, but I can tell you something that mad me happy yesterday. I met my Aunt in the city for lunch, and she said as I approached her she had a flash of what her mother (who passed away in 1995) looked like when she was young. I guess my dark eyes and dark hair reminded her think of her sweet mother. It made me want to try to be a little better today to remind myself of the wonderful lady that is my grandmother.

  87. Lizzy, I just finished reading Courtney's blog ("Grace") and with tears in my eyes I came to your blog, so when I saw you were having a tough day I especially felt for you. Then I went on your delish blog and saw the peanut butter popcorn recipe you posted, and as I read your post and copied down the recipe I felt the heaviness lifting. What a gift you give your readers to share such happy, wonderful recipes. Thank you. You made ME feel better.

  88. How about

    I'm happier then a bird with a french fry!



  89. Lizzy ~ those earrings are beautiful.

    Your sis-in-law is talking ~ now THAT makes me happy!

    God Bless ~ Lorena

  90. Hi Lizzy. Alisha's EARS here. Alisha is quite the blog stalker but when she told me about the AMAZING earrings that you were giving away I BEGGED her to post! Instead, I took matters into my own hands.

    So here we are. Sitting on the sides of Alisha's face. Waiting. Waiting for something GORGEOUS to be hung from us. We are like a Christmas tree. We need decorating you know? We would love it if you chose us because you see, Alisha neglects us. She hasn't decorated us in quite some time and we are feeling very un-fashionable!! So that is why we have taken matters into our hands to try and make you smile.

    You may think it's strange that a pair of ears is leaving this post, but we don't think that way! You see, Alisha likes to talk outloud to herself. (She might be a little crazy.) And, she reads out loud a lot as well. (We, her ears, love that about her!) That means we get to hear every wonderful thing you write. It makes us happy.

    We hope we have put a little cheer in your cup today...

    ~Alisha's Ears

  91. This always makes me smile!

  92. Those are so cute, and I totally agree that when you are feeling down, that is the time to give to someone definitely makes you feel better.

  93. "Ham and eggs. A day's work for a chicken, a lifetime commitment
    for a pig."

    I hope you feel better by now. It's only fun to feel gloomy sometimes.

  94. i am so glad that the holidays are around the corner. i am planning special traditions that my hubby and i (newlyweds) can carry on for years to come! watching classic holiday films, cutting down a christmas tree, and baking gingerbread together are in the lineup. this makes me very happy.

  95. Wow, look at all the lurkers!!! Go you!

    I think Sue has the best comment thus far.

    I am going to take the shallow route:

    You are beautiful, smart, and skinny!

  96. ok, something to make you happy so that I might indulge in these beautiful little earrings that make me think of cute little blinking eyes on a Pixar advertisement!


    I guess the best place to start is by telling you what makes me the happiest, and I can hope it does the same for you.

    Things that bring an ear-to-ear-smile... the uncontrollable genuine laughter of a child, the unsolicited squeeze hug from your hubby with a kiss on top of your head to top it off, a surprise note found in your mailbox from a beloved friend, finding a great pair of flattering but comfy jeans, and snuggling up to the one you love at the end of a fulfilling day!

  97. I stumbled across your blog the other day, and have really enjoyed it... as well as your "delish" blog.

    I hope by now you're feeling much better, but just in case you still need a pick me up, here are things that make me happy:

    1. Being Creative - whether it's baking in the kitchen, or planting in the garden, or crafting something together - it brings joy and deep satisfaction to use my own creative powers in making life beautiful. Recently I painted an almost life-sized version of the Scooby-Doo van for a skit prop... and, I painted the entire thing by finger! Call me crazy, but it was seriously so much fun to finger paint!

    2. Riding my bike, especially down big hills - and btw, I have to tell you that I'm totally jealous of your bike... it is now on my Christmas wish list. :)

    Leaving this comment is really just my way of letting you know how grateful I am to have found your blog... and the ways it is helping me to find happiness and joy in life. Thank you for writing, thank you for sharing, thank you for making the world a better place.


  98. CHOOSE ME!
    PICK ME!


    (source: My Best Friend's Wedding)

    Who doesn't love that flick???

  99. so it might now make you smile but it sure did make me smile. a call from my 7 year old after school, it sure did brighten my day:

    Bry: Mom, what did you put on my sandwich today?

    Me: Why, you didn’t like it?

    Bry: No mom what did you put on it, I know mayo and mustard but what else?

    Me: Ham

    Bry: That was it because it was gooooood! I am gonna make me one now. Bye.

    Dial tone.

  100. Lizzy,
    I love your blog! Just a little are actually the one who made me decide to start my own thanks!
    Let me suggest something that you can do with the earrings. Instead of giving them should wear them yourself on any occasion where you need some extra confidence. There's just one small catch. When someone compliments them, take them off and pass them along. Just make sure to tell her the rules! This way, so many women can be blessed by the gift of giving!

    Thanks happy!

    -Another Lizzy (Sort of)

  101. Smiling should come from what you have within...everyone always sees what others have and wonder. You have your family, your friends and your health!! YAY!! There are those who have struggled for everything, and it seems that they keep finding closed for instance. Yes, I have my daughters who I've raised alone, but at the end of the is only me that is there to rejuvinate me, to tell me that I'm ok and that I did the best I could. No hugs, no words of 'you did well', no "I love you's" from someone on my team....just me in the mirror getting older as time and life passes me by. Look at those you have around you....the husband, (that as a single mom I don't have), the siblings, (don't have those either), the parents, (mine are deceased), and know that you have the best of everything right there at your disposal. I would gladly trade earrings for a loving husband, hugs and words of encouragement from another adult. I have found thru all this...I'm happy....but life sometimes isn't all that great or So smile because you have the best right there with you, not because one of us here makes you's within. I could tell a joke, bring you to tears, I can make ppl laugh in conversation by seeing the silly side of things, the obscure....but those things are fleeting...just smile...cuz you can!!

  102. Hey Lizzie- Hope your day is brighter! Love the blog!

  103. I love President Hinckley's admonition: "In all of living, have much fun and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured." In a similar vain, he has talked about how life is filled with beautiful vistas, but also low valleys, and the trick is to "enjoy the ride". So, all in all, if in need of a smile, a person can think of President Hinckley's everlasting optimism and the friendly wave of his cane.

    Is this a shameless attempt at winning the loveliness by tugging at your heartstrings? Maybe.

  104. Wear a smile and your face shines.......wear a frown and you earn wrinkles!!!!! And all of us girls hate wrinkles, except on little bulldog puppies!

    I love the earrings! Keep those pearly whites showing!

  105. Found your blog through NieNie's blog - what a remarkable story of love and perserverance. In the midst of everyday chaos I am trying to live such a life as theirs and yours - full of moments of happiness and making special memories my children can hang onto forever. You and your entire extended family is a testament to how we should all be living.

  106. Like my post said yesterday---

    kiss kiss giggle giggle slobber slobber

  107. Good Morning, Good afternoon and Goodnight! Liz, I hope you had a grand day! I wish many blessings your way. (stop rhyming. I mean it! Anybody want a peanut?) Take care, blessings your for you and yours. Love, Aubray Belnap aka Aubray Shelton ;)

  108. When I read your post I thought, "Oh, dear. Lizzy's having a Jonah day." (Anne of Green Gables) I seem to have more than my share of Jonah days. :) But more importantly is how to combat these days. Do you think of your favorite things? (think raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens). I like to pull out one of my projects (don't know how many I have in the works at present, but who's counting) I do for one of the charities and think of the sweet little soul who will wear the hat/pjs/blanket/etc. and that warms me to the core -- so I'm with you and your mom on doing something nice for someone -- to "forget" yourself. Your family's blogs have brought tears of laughter and tears of sadness to my life. Thank you for sharing your lives with us all!

  109. Lizzy, I think the earrings are lovely, but I'm leaving a comment, not to win the earrings, but to just lift you up in prayer.

    Your family has been through so much in these past months. I'm sure a lot more than what we can even imagine.

    May the blues leave you quickly and be replaced with smiles from happy memories that you hold within your heart.

    Blessings and prayers to you and yours.

  110. There is so much beauty in the world. How can we help but be grateful for all the good in our lives?

  111. I've got nothing creative to give ... but thank you for sharing your thoughts and life with us. You're a gem.

  112. Well, dang! I'm comment #114 it looks like, so no earrings for me. :) That's not why I came, though.

    I'm spiffing up my own blog (as in, it's not plain black and white anymore after a mere 18 months of blogging! I rule.) And part of that is getting rid of the three foot long list of "blogs I read" on the side. I'm signing up to be alerted via email when blogs I snoop (er, stalk? read?) are updated, so I'm trying to get back all the links I lost when I changed my template. I'm just sort of prowling the blog world here and I came across your "new" blog that you started like 4 months ago. Again, I rule.

    So that's how I ended up here, just happened to be on the day you're giving away some fabulous earrings. I tell you what though - I am so stealing your idea and giving something highly desirable away on my blog just to see how many people read it. 114! I'm totally jealous and I'm not too proud to say so.

    Hope you feel lifted higher today.

  113. Love Newsy Nibby's idea! They are gorgeous and would look SMASHING on you...(and I will be the first to compliment them on you.) :)

    Seriously. This makes me laugh so hard, NEVER FAILS, but of course, it is my kid.

    (I wish I could've made that a link)

  114. Being just a simple gal with no time for fashion, I wear the same pair of silver earrings every day. Every. Day. My sweet husband bought them for me two years ago. He has a co-worker whose family owns a jewelry store in Mexico. He visits once a year, so once a year is how often I get a new pair of earrings. So why am I still wearing the pair from two summers ago?? Well, this year, my man picked out a pair of, well, (what I considered to be) stripper earrings ... yadda yadda yadda ... I only wear those for him. The rest of the world gets the old ones. So it sure would be nice to have a new pair before next summer!! ;-) Hope you're feelin' the love with all of these great comments!!

  115. Hi Lizzy,
    I feel like a stalker these past couple of months :) After reading The Nie Nie Dialoges, CJanerun, lizzywrites, etc. you get the best feelings of peace. It seems like in Christian and Stephanies marriage that two of the most amazing families came together. I believe that C&S had reached a level in their relationship that most couples will never achieve in an entire lifetime. I sometimes think when you have progressed to a certain point that maybe, just maybe we were willing in the life before this to sacrifice ourselves to a greater cause. If we could see the future, which I am certain includes Oprah :), a movie, books, speaking engagements, etc. we could gain great strength and hope from it. Just think about how God works. Christian and Stephanie will be able to help many, many people that are in need financially, emotionally, spiritually and physically. A full circle if you will. They have already started on this path. Once the shock wears off and the physical healing progresses I have no doubt that Christian & Stephanie will rise to the occasion and shine like a beacon of light and hope for the people of this world that will need them. Thank you again, for such a positive and uplifting blog.

  116. If you are in need of a little chuckle I have just the guy for you. Go here to see:

  117. Oh are a delight! Thanks for bein' real and letting us all know that you have down days too! This little family tradition really has made me laugh...
    The earrings are gorgeous but I really care more to make you smile! Becky

  118. Seriously now, one new pair of shoes with red on them somewhere (preferably the soles), one cup of mint tea at pre-dawn (preferably while watching a red fox mosey at the edge of a forest), chocolate (please, oh, please, tell me that chocolate is in the Mormon handbook, it is okay to have chocolate, right?!), squeeze a little person and/or smell some baby hair, think about sycamore trees, dwell on the word "ephemeral." That should do the trick. Cheers.

  119. How to make someone else happy! Hummmmmmm.......
    I guess what makes me happy is when my littles are happy. When my 3 year old disabled son thinks the master tub is his swimming pool. He floats on his back with his ears just under the water and makes noises to see what sound they make underwater. The discovery on his face with he finally figures something out, says a phrase for the first time and then he sees the joy on our faces when he finally got it. That always brings a smile to my face.
    But happy for someone else...being with the ones with love and doing the things we love, and seeing the joy in their faces whether it is big or small...that is Happy!

  120. Pregnancy isn't the only time we have license to eat as much as we want...we have the holidays for that, as well.

  121. Smile, Be thankful, for this is the day, this is the day that the Lord has made.

    I love your blog, so bright and cheery, you seem like a wonderful person. We are all are due a gloomy down day ever now and then, this is when we need to be thankful and Praise our God.

  122. Found your blog through C Jane who I found through various other blogs. It's a blog blog blog blog world.

    Happy thoughts ... cute clothes can change your mood! When I am down I sometimes like to slip into something more colorful or creative - like pink high heels while cleaning the house.

    I adore those earrings & I adore winning things. Crossing my fingers!

  123. Hey Liz-

    This one always makes me smile.

    Your Grandpa Thomas and my mom had a sister they called Nonie (not her real name). My mother was pretty much raised by Nonie after her mother died, my mom was barely 11 years old when her mom died so she had many years with Nonie. Anyway, she adored Nonie and laughed often at the things Nonie did. Her favorite story was of Nonie going do a bunch of errands one day. She stopped at the store and picked up some bacon and then went to mail a package. When she got home she still had the package and realized that she had mailed the bacon!

    We come from GREAT roots!!!!

  124. try and say the word "happy" with a frown on your face....

  125. Don't worry. I'm sure not all these comments are just for the earrings, but to build you up.

  126. Great philosophy! If winning these earrings makes you happier than i am happy to win them:):):):)

    PS they are gorgeous!

  127. I had one of those days too now and then and one way to make me smile is when I see any of my puppies sleeping. They close their eyes so tightly that I just want to kiss those eyes and just say "I love you very much."

    I would lend you both of my puppies if you live close to where I am now so you could smile and feel your heart warm with love.

  128. I already commented, but I had some of the very happiest news possible this morning--another baby is on the way to join our family!! and silly as it is, when I was thinking about what great news this is and how incredibly happy it makes our little family, I thought of this post. so there's some vicarious happiness coming your way. squishy baby cheeks, fat little dimpled legs, and those adorable little plump fists. oh how i love babies!

  129. total lurker here and I love those earrings, but I don't even have pierced ears...I know crazy.I'm sure someone else has already pointed it out but goodness I can't get through all those comments and that's when I thought...if that doesn't make a person feel good I don't know what would which I'm certain doesn't have to be pointed out to you. Over 100 people already, some friends, some family and many strangers are willing to support you, and encourage you on a day you just need a smile. THAT makes ME smile even!! I hope you are having a bright day filled with laughter, chirping birds and a recipe that is a total success and gets lots of ooohs and aaahs!

  130. As difficult as it may be carrying on through all of the stuff that's going on in our everyday lives (some, way more than others-you know who you are!)- it's still
    crucial to "enjoy the ice cream while it's on your plate"
    For me, this pretty much says it all.
    Love and prayers to all the Nies

  131. Usually it's the funny things my kids say that help me crawl out from under the blues.
    This morning, my 4-year old Calvin woke up to a landscape covered in snow. As he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and stared fascinated out of the window, he suddenly gasped and turned to me. "Mom. Stay here. I'm gonna go downstairs and see if Santa Clause came in our house and left some presents!" Such as sweet, honest little reaction to the snow outside - it brightened my grumpy morning today.

  132. your

    really, i truly enjoy reading such a lovely blog. you do such a splendid job. (o: i do believe you have the green thumb of blogging dear. blogging is an art, and you've got it spot on. just smile dear. much love...

  133. I agree with your mother!! The best cure for the "blues" is doing something for someone else!!
    My father lives his life this way, he thinks of a way he can do just a little something special for someone else, every day!
    One of the things that we did as kids that I will never forget!! Every year he would save up all his Bashas bonus coupons, and around Thanksgiving he would go get three or four extra turkey's. Then he would find out from our bishop the families in our ward that were struggling. We would load up in our van and go to these peoples houses, ring there door bell and leave the turkey!! It was such a blast, we started calling it turkey door bell ditching!! It was so much fun, we looked so forward to it every year as kids.
    Hope this can bring a smile, hope you have a better rest of the week. Please know we all love you and your family so much and are praying for you everyday!!

  134. Hopefully, this will give you a chuckle on my behalf...
    I got an I-Phone recently. I love to text my family and friends. Well, the phone has a cool feature. If you misspell a word it will suggest the correct spelling. It sounds Awesome until you don't check the suggested word.
    I mailed a package for my husband the other day. I was so happy I had remember that I texted him to quickly. This is what I THOUGHT I typed..."Hey J, I mailed the pkg!!
    Well, this is what I ACTUALLY typed..."Hey J, I mailed the PIG!!
    He texted to see if I was having a bad day=) He was probably just checking to see what kind of wife he would come home too (haha)
    Hopefully, you are smiling now?!
    As I told my family and friends...If you get a text from Satan it is just little old me=)

  135. My family knows tragedy like yours does. My kids father passed away completely unexpectedly, woke up one day and didn't feel well and in one minute his heart stopped and his life here was complete. He was 42 years old. My son was starting college that very day he said goodbye to his dad, sitting next to him in the hospital, his dad on life support, braindead, and my 17 year old sons tears on his textbook he had brought to the hospital that day. A picture I will never get out of my head. In one moment, one phone call, our lives changed forever. Then I read your family's story and everyday I think of your sister-in-law and how she lived before her accident, before the moment that changed her life forever. The tragic loss we have felt and Stephanies life is such an inspiration for me and how I live my life now. I think of her every day and our families faith has changed tremendously because of your family and these life lessons we have learned along this journey. I now know that what happens does truly happen for a reason, that my amazing childrens suffering will only bring them closer together as they grow and they now have an angel waiting for them for their next journey. So go ahead and let yourself feel down, its okay, we all have those days, those moments, but then pick yourself back up, brush yourself off and celebrate that in this life, while you are on this earth, you have things to do to complete yourself, your purpose, and its those down times that will give you the strength to recognize the up times and what you must do!!!

  136. You are loved. You, and your family, are in the thoughts of thousands.

    You are loved. By people you know, and by people you don't, who hold your family in their hearts and prayers.

    You are loved. So criss-cross your arms right now, grab the opposite, take a deep breath, and S-Q-U-E-E-Z-E.

    You are loved.

  137. Hi Lizzie.
    Let me first say that I think what you do is amazing. Everyday I like many other people sit down at their computers and go to their bookmarks and are at your site. We are looking for any new postings. Good news or bad news we just want to hear how your day, week, month or life is going. We yearn for something anything. And today what do you have? You have a gift for us. Yes, those earrings are beautiful. I love them. So here is what I have for you. A quote and a saying. The quote is from Mother Theresa who said this "Everytime you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing." I think that is just who you are. You are rewarding us with your happiness.You give us belief in god, in ourselves, in the power of prayer and so much more.
    My other saying is something I say to my two boys it is "you can't smell the roses if your stuck in the mud" I don't believe you are ever going to be stuck in the mud. You are such a special person to yourself, your husband, your family and to your blog friends. Thanks for always smelling the roses. Thanks for being the person that you are. Thanks to your mom for raising you into such a beautiful person. You both are beauties!

  138. Lizzy!

    These beautiful boys are bound to make you smile!


  139. Alright, this may not be the kind of smile you were looking for but the old saying "laughter is the best medicine" does have merit. I have left this little story to bring a smile to a few friend's faces...

    Imagine yourself chatting with family in a playground at Carl's Jr. You've just hardened your arteries with a big cheese burger, medium fries, and washed it down with an iced Dr. Pepper. As you glance around the room, in your mind you're replaying the conversation with your SIL as you walked in the door, who happens to work for DCFS, "Don't let them play in the balls. They are so filthy." Your reply "They don't have balls, but honestly, I swear a kid pees their pants half the time when we come to one of these places." Feeling blissfully bloated and slurping the last of your Dr. Pepper, you are enjoying the conversation when out of a one inch hole in the bottom of the huge plastic train above your table a conspicious liquid is pouring out onto the table and splashing everywhere. Everyone scatters, someone remembering to grab your infant in his carrier out of the way. The fleece blanket covering him is already wet. You say "Someone must've had a drink up there..." The slow motion begins when your 5 year old comes running up to you, "Mom, sister peed her pants, she really did..." Your reply, in a loud exasperated voice "What the he**?" I can't forget to mention that my sweet little 3 year old was in a dress with winter tights? And that she hadn't peed her pants in 6 months? And, her newest uncle, only a week in the family, had to climb to the top of the playland to retrieve her because she was scared and couldn't find her way down. If only I could be as relaxed as the mom munching her fries and reading her novel. "No kids, we don't have to go, just don't play in the pee." The comment to the little worker who naively entered the playland with mop, "Sorry, this has to be in the top ten worse days of work for you ever."

    Urine and playlands, I hope this at least made you smile! Love yous!


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