October 1, 2008

marticus tortipus

my adorable brother arrives from germany tomorrow afternoon from a 2 year mission for our church. I cannot begin to express my excitement. last night, I washed his sheets and scrubbed his bathroom which is gross after 2 years of not being used - who am I kidding? boy's bathrooms are always gross. I even sprayed his sheets with my ultra special vanilla linen spray since that room has a severe case of terminal stinkiness. no joke. marcus (aka "marty") is the best of brothers. when marcus was a little guy, he once asked my mom why she named him marcus? she told him she named him after the great roman emporer marcus aurelius antoninus augustus (you get a prize if you know the real reason). we thought that was funny and somehow his nickname became "marticus tortipus". maybe that's why he loves the movie gladiator so much. we were the last two at home and naturally went on many vacations together with my parents.

marcus is very funny - in a very quiet, non-show-off way. in fact, I doubt he thinks he is funny at all; therefore, making him very funny. for example, when we were in ireland he bought a flute/recorder thing. he walked around ireland playing "scarborough fair" and as many "irish sounding" songs he could think of. then he jumped like a flaming flute player (see below). it was very funny indeed and provided me much enjoyment. marty - I've missed you. welcome home, little buddy.


  1. I love that last photo. It makes me miss my brothers.

  2. bros off the mish is the best, dude. marcus is so cute. everytime i think of him/or steve or that matter, i think of prince of persia & your old house. hahahaha...

    enjoy the homecoming.

    and: i love your patchwork header.

  3. how fun for you guys! Something to look forward to.

    oh, and PS---I just bought sheets in two different fabrics you have on your header--the black and white ones on top and the green and white ones on the bottom. To die for! I love pottery barn--and cute header! You're so creative

  4. Has it really been 2 years- wow time flies!
    Oh and ditto about your header. You are so creative.

  5. We are thinking of you as we watch Pushing Daisies, Lizzy. Hope everything's going well. :)

  6. I'm totally laughing because I haven't heard Marticus Tortipus in such a long time! I can't even remember how it originated.

    But I DO remember that I am the one who suggested the name Marcus. Mom and Dad were pretty surprised to have another baby and I think they had run out of name ideas, so they sat us all down and asked for suggestions... you were too young to remember. I was so pleased when they chose my suggestion. :P Of course, they probably don't remember.

    It is amazing to think that Marcus was just learning to walk when I left for college! I'm so excited to see him!

  7. That last photo seriously makes me laugh. I honestly can't decide who makes me laugh more! Steve looks like a green alien being sucked off the ground, returning to his ship. Seriously great!

  8. He seems like a pretty fun guy! I am so excited for you guys to have him home! Have fun eating your yummy enchilada's! Those looked good! And drive safe to San Diego!!! :) Get a good tan for me!

  9. awww,,, marcus! I love your blog, Liz. Hope you are doing well!


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