October 17, 2008


I wish.
I wish I had.
I wish I had a dog.
I wish I had a dog like this.
I wish I had a dog like this to paint.
I wish I had a dog like this to paint a silhouette of.
but I don't.

more than that . . .
I wish that fall would come in az.
I wish that the stock market didn't suck so bad.
I wish I could have faith in either of our candidates.

mostly . . .
I wish for christian and stephanie to get better soon.

in fact, forget about the dog.

anyone know a good genie?


  1. Lizzy,
    I wish you a dog and happier days at the stock market... Mostly I wish you load of love and angels to carry you through recovery for Stephanie and Christian. I love it when you post. Thanks! Hope to see you at Blissfest. Wishes to you...

  2. what a cute little post...and how a dog WOULD bring you smiles and cheer. i just wish you love and hugs from the deepest of the deep. love you.

  3. Lizzy,

    I wish you knew how amazing and talented we think you are.

    I wish your family didn't have to go thru this.

    I wish I could have met up with Diane ( I have missed her so much)

    I wish that because of what we witnessed with your family, we are or will become better people.

    I wish for love and support for you.

    I wish I could hug you and tell you myself.


  4. What a cute post. I'm looking for the genie. I will let you know if I have any luck.

  5. Good girl - dogs are a pain in the butt!

  6. Liz! It's Shannon, your old roommate in Provo. I've been following Christian and Stephanie's recovery and I just found a link to your blog from one of their recovery blogs. I had no idea that Christian is your brother. I'm so happy that he is doing so well and I pray that Stephanie continues to progress as well. How are you doing? You look great by the way. I'd love to catch up! My blog is http://themanningfam.blogspot.com.

  7. Hey!
    My blog is now going to be more international :) so I write both English and Norwegian.. Norwegian and Danish is very similar, so I understand it is hard for you to see the difference.
    I live in Norway, but have friends in Denmark and I have been there a few times. I understand very well that you like it there.
    I hope any of you will post a video from the consert, because I saw the clip at cjane's and it was bringing both tears and smile to my face.
    Thanks for sharing all your cute posts!

  8. Hi Lizzy, I just happened upon your blog and adore your whimsy. Would you be interested in painting a silhouette of my dog? He is quite a prince of a Pug... ;) I would love it!

    I very much enjoy your writing ::hug::



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