September 19, 2008


my man is amazing*.

*amazing = 24 school credits
*amazing = 48 work hours
*amazing = interviewing for jobs after graduation
*amazing = rocking said interviews
*amazing = editing his resume over and over to make sure it’s the best possible
*amazing = surprising me at costco last night when I was really missing him
*amazing = giving me a major back massage the other night (20 minutes with oil, music and everything!)
*amazing = loving, sustaining, devoting, strengthening


  1. HI Lizzy. I'm Jaimee Rose, a reporter for The Arizona Republic. I'm trying to reach your family to interview them, and I'm sorry to have to bother you! I've left a message for Peter on what I think is his cell, but if you get a minute could you give me a call real quick? 602 616 7646? Thanks. Love your blog!

  2. I love how passionate they always are for one another. I never knew Christian but I remember everyone saying that Stephanie had fallen crazy in love with some gorgeous guy! I have loved reading her blog and also watching the amazing support of everyone now. I hope you feel it also.


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