August 28, 2008

NieNie Day

Dearest friends,

Today is NieNie Day! Hooray! I love this day. Not only is it a precursor to a most excellent day in history (my birthday is tomorrow) but it also reminds me about how wonderful people are in rallying together to help Stephanie and Christian. A big, fat thank you from my family for participating in this event! If you're wanting to participate in NieNie Day without actually bidding on something, Design Mom has a few more suggestions of ways to help. So awesome.

After much racking of my brain, I created several new Etsy items so that I could choose which one to auction off (the remainder will be in my Etsy shop: Bushel & Bloom in a couple of days). Reminder: all proceeds go directly to the Stephanie & Christian Paypal fund. If you're interested in bidding on this item, just make a comment on this post at or above the bidding start price. Just like Design Mom, I'm going to leave the bidding open all weekend until Sunday night when I'll announce the winner! Isn't this fun?

Click here for more clarification about how the silent "NieNie" auction works.

Since it is NieNie Day and all, I figured what better way to honor her than to auction off the purse I made which she blogged about me making here? I trust Stephanie's style opinion (don't we all?) and had asked her what she thought of the fabric I was about to use for the purse? She came over and we talked about how pretty it was and she said she would have liked to make a purse too out of the same fabric - sadly Gigs wasn't in a pleasant mood . . .

I ended up sewing cute little buttons on the inside and braiding the handle.

The bidding starts at $25 (remember it's for an excellent cause!).

Kisses! (in true NieNie fashion)

P.S. Crystal over at Crissybug (a friend of Christian's) is also posting something extra awesome. She says: I am writing in hopes that you can help get the word out for what I hope to put up on my blog tomorrow for a silent auction. Recently, my husband won some tickets to a Diamondbacks game. When I opened the envelope I was shocked to find that they were 4 tickets to DUGOUT BOX seats valued at $125 a piece plus a pass for parking. My thoughts immediately went to Christian and Stephanie, and the recent game they went to. Then I thought this would be great to auction off. My only fear is that I won't get enough traffic to my blog, and they will go for far less than they are really worth. I would appreciate if you could say something about it on your blog so I can hopefully raise enough money worthy for Stephanie and Christian. Thanks!

Thank you Crystal! Everyone get on over to Crystal's blog to bid on those tickets!

Update: I cannot stop crying today. I am overwhelmed at everyone's generousity and the beautiful gifts that people are auctioning off! I wish I had the funds to bid on them (some items are already in the several hundreds)! My boss just handed me a check with a large sum of money and several people from my work have also sent me donations. I love people! (Don't I sound like Scrooge - but opposite than this awesome clip?)

Oh Judy (Stephanie's sister-in-law and sister to Jimmy V) is auctioning off one of the coolest items ever! Wow! She also had a great idea on bidding so here are some new rules that I'm adding: How to Bid: Leave a comment in the comment section below with your bid amount. Bid increments must be no less than $1.00. The winner will submit payment to the Stephanie Nielson Fund Paypal Account and send the receipt to me to receive their prize.


  1. When does the bidding end on this super cute purse?

  2. Thank you Katie! The bidding will end Sunday night at midnight.

  3. it's not just a purse we are bidding on here, it's a small way to help out. My bid is $50. The purse will be way worth it!!

    Thanks Elizabeth:)


  4. Thank you so much for the special shout out! This day is so exciting! I can feel the love beaming out of my computor!

  5. Thank you for your support! When you finalize your totals for your auction, can you email the grand total to where we are collecting totals for the many auctions that took place. Thanks again!


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