July 9, 2008

my life tag

20 Years Ago I:
1. Lived in my swimsuit.
2. Had green hair because I lived in the said above swimsuit and therefore, the swimming pool.
3. Was almost 4 years old.
4. Lived in the coolest house known to man with an awesome dance room, stage with curtains and costumes galore.
5. Watched the Monsoon season in the garage with my family on summer nights while eating grape popsicles.

10 Years Ago I Was:
1. 13 and really, really awkward (see the girl in the oversized blue sweatshirt and striped pants in the picture above).
2. Mad at my dad for telling my mom to not buy me the cute yellow dress from Gap because I "only wore black and white".
3. Crushing on every single one of my brother's friends.
4. Mad at my brother for telling every single one of his friends that I had a crush on them.
5. Making cookies for my brother's friends while they practiced their music for their band, "Euphony 5".

5 Years Ago I Was:
1. Pretty sure I was getting married to the guy I was dating (dead wrong).
2. Starting to like the way I sing.
3. Beginning to feel like I was looking good.
4. Hating that I was 18 and being called "young".
5. Unsure of what I wanted out of life.

1 Year Ago I Was:
1. Frantically searching the bottom of a swimming pool for my wedding ring.
2. Trying to figure out my new job.
3. Loving my home with my husband.
4. In Hawaii with my husband for our anniversary (above).
5. Pining over the loss of Gilmore Girls.

So Far This Year I Have:
1. Lost 9 pounds.
2. Moved out of my first home with my husband.
3. Received my first "substantial" bonus check.
4. Moved all my lovely furniture into storage.
5. Finally made Parisian Macaroons.

Yesterday I:
1. Enjoyed 60 degree weather in the mountains.
2. Ate my first Chili Cheese Dog.
3. Watched "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire".
4. Made Vegetable Soup for dinner.
5. Had a romantic evening with my husband.

Today I:
1. Have to work.
2. Will drink lots of water.
3. Will work out for 1 1/2 hours after work.
4. Get heat exhaustion when I get in my car.
5. Make dinner (what?)

Tomorrow I:
1. Will go to work.
2. Will go to the gym.
3. Will drink lots of water.
4. Be hot.
5. Will make dinner.
(Do you see a pattern?)

In The Next Year I:
1. Will move to another state or country.
2. Will kiss my husband right after he receives his college diploma!
3. Will buy a house.
4. Will have lost 25 pounds.
5. Will have competed in a Triathlon and lived.


  1. What's this 25 pounds nonsense?!? you looked gorgeous, dahling, at my house a couple of months ago and that was BEFORE you lost the 9 pounds. Puh-lease.
    A triathlon! I love it! Which one?!? Maybe you'll inspire me to start training again for one...

  2. I Love this post! It was fun to see the old pics! Sounds like an exciting upcoming year...I was hoping visit NYC would be on the list....and none of this saving money nonsense!!! :)

  3. Congrats on the 9 pounds!!! Did I count 12 kids??

  4. How do you manage to look so great throughout all of your different stages?

    This was fun!

  5. Love it! Especially that first picture...makes me wanna squeeze you! Oh, and what's all this smack about you loosing weight? Your bod is already to die for!

  6. Ya, not feeling sorry for you at all because as I recall you had plenty of boys knocking your door down during the so-called "awkward phase". Don't even deny or I will start listing names! Ü

  7. You are too cute Liz! Holy cow I saw the picture of you and your mom and was amazed to realize that I am in your mom's ward!!! She is an amazing lady! (If I already knew that... I've lost quite a few brain cells due to pregnancy...) HA! I found you off Julie's blog, you girls are the cutest. And I second the motion, you are too hot already and would be dead if you lost 25 pounds! So fun to see you again... vicariously through the internet... ;) I'll take what I can get.


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